If you’re looking for the best weight loss yoga poses for beginners, you’re in the right spot.

Not every yoga poses are the same. For this reason, I'm going to share 7 yoga poses with you that aren't difficult and help you lose weight.

Let’s get into it!

7 Perfect Weight Loss Yoga Poses For Beginners

1/The Cobra Pose

Stretching, Strengthens and Toned stomach, shoulders, chest, and buttocks with Cobra.

The cobra or Bhujangasana is the best and easy pose that you shouldn't want to miss.

It's super effective for the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and buttocks


To do this pose simply lie face down on the floor with the hand side of your ribs. Press the floor and lift your torso off the floor. Then pull your shoulders back as much as you can — now if you're comfortable. 

hold for 30 seconds to a minute

2/ The Boat Pose

The boat pose is amazing. It's super powerful for abs that help lose belly fat. 

It's not just a great pose for abs or belly fat, also great for improving your balance and posture.

3/Downward Down-facing Dog (Adho mukha svanasana)

Start by lying on your stomach with your body flat on the floor, palms over your head.

Exhale, lift your chest off the floor.  straighten your arms and hips up to the sky and come into a V shape. 

keep your legs straight, while pressing the heels into the floor. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

You should feel a deep stretch in the back of your thighs and shoulders.

stay in the pose for a minute

4/Mountain Pose

The mountain — Perfect easy pose for strengthens and stretching thigh, knee, and ankle,

Plus, it helps in correcting posture and improves your balance.

5/ Tree Pose

Start by standing in the center of the mat with sidearms. bend your left knee, slowly lift the toe off the ground. then place the foot to the right inner thigh.

Raise your arms over your head. stay in the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute

6/Happy Baby

The happy baby pose is beautiful that anyone can do. It's super easy.

Start by lying down on the floor with bent knees. bring the knees in front of you and hold them. slowly raise the knees. hold the position for a minute

7/The Bridge pose

The bridge is great for stretches out your spine, neck, and chest.

It's can help energize your legs, improve your digestion, relieve back pain.

Begin by lying down on the ground, with Bent knees near your sitting bones.

Exhale, press your feet and arms into the ground, and lift the hips off the ground.

Move your knees away from your hips to lengthen your tailbone.

bring your pubis up toward your belly button. Then Stay in the position for 60 seconds

That's it, friend! Hope you find the perfect poses for you!

Now you, which one are you going to do First?

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