15 Best High Protein Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

Finding a high protein breakfast at low carb is hard. But not anymore. Here are the high protein low carb breakfast ideas for you that'll keep you full and in shape.

Whether you're on a diet, trying to lose weight, or want some healthy breakfast ideas. This list of protein-rich healthy recipes for you.

What is the best protein breakfast?

There are tons of protein-rich foods out there. Some are egg, fish, seafood, meat, poultry, veggie, dairy, and soy products.

How to get more protein in a vegan breakfast?

If you're on a vegan diet, here's the list of protein-rich vegan foods that you can add to your diet to get more protein. 

Soy-based products such tofu, Tempeh, soy milk, edamame. And Lentil, quinoa, beans, seeds, oatmeal. And vegan protein powder.

15 Healthy High Protein Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

High Protein Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie — perfect smoothie for a quick breakfast that's packed with healthful nutrition. And the ingredients are simple: Coconut Milk or almond milk, Blueberries, Vanilla Extract, coconut oil, and Protein Powder.

Protein: 23g
Carbs: 5g

14. Peanut Butter Keto Low Carb Smoothie With Almond Milk

High Protein Peanut Butter Smoothie With Almond Milk

This Smoothie with Almond Milk is an EASY 5 ingredient breakfast that's so creamy and tastes so yummy! Here's what you'll need: almond milk, crushed ice, avocado, peanut butter, and cocoa powder.

Protein: 10
Carbs: 15

13. Keto Breakfast Sandwich

High Protein Sandwich Breakfast

This breakfast sandwich is the ultimate freezer friendly breakfast meal prep, with 27g protein and just 3.2g of carbs — it's amazing. It has layers of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and cheese.

12. Best Scrambled Eggs

High Protein Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are amazing. They're easy to make and are so healthful. And this recipe is the best. Needs just 3 ingredients: eggs, butter, and black pepper.

Protein: 15g
Carbs: 2g

11. Healthy Veggie Egg Scramble

Healthy High Protein Veggie Egg Scramble

A healthy-tasty meal loaded with veggies, scrambled with eggs and so quick to prep. Just 20 minutes. Here are the ingredients: broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, eggs, cooking spray, salt and peppers.

Protein: 14g
Carbs: 6g

10. Cheesy Bacon Omelette

Cheesey Bacon Omelette

Cheesy Bacon omelet made with 3 simple ingredients: eggs, Cheddar Cheese, and bacon.

Protein: 31g
Carbs: 3g

9. Spinach Omelette

Healthy Spinach Omelette

This Spinach omelet is not just healthy, it's delicious. A protein-rich flavorful omelet that's filled with spinach, greens, herbs spicy chili, and cheese. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Here are the full ingredients that you'll need: 
eggs, Spinach, Onion, Ginger, Green chilies, Coriander leaves, Cheese Slices, Cheddar cheese, Olive oil, Salt and Black pepper.

Protein: 19g
Carbs: 3g

8. Tofu Stir Fry

Healthy High Protein Tofu Stir Fry

A perfect breakfast without eggs. Made with Crispy tofu and fresh vegetables — broccoli and spinach, sautéed in a flavorful garlic sesame sauce.

Here are the full ingredients: tofu, soy sauce, garlic cloves, green onions, ginger, chili paste, spinach, sesame seeds, and oil.

Protein: 22g
Carbs: 12g

7. Yogurt Breakfast Bowl with Toasted Coconut

Healthy Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

A simple protein-packed yogurt breakfast bowl with plain yogurt topped with toasted coconut, walnuts, blueberries, chia seeds and maple syrup.

Protein: 24g
Carbs: 18g

6. Easy Egg Salad

Protein Rich Egg Salad

This Egg Salad Recipe is the best. It's so creamy and tastes delicious. And It's made with minimal ingredients: Hard-boiled eggs with celery, dill, seasoning, and chives in a creamy dressing make up this classic egg salad.

Protein: 13g
Carbs: 2g

5. Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites 

Healthy Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites

For those of us who aren't morning people. These Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites are perfect meal prep. They are bite-size protein-packed breakfast for busy mornings — Refrigerate or freeze it and pull out to reheat for a hot, healthy, breakfast.

Protein: 22
Carbs: 2

4. Bacon Cheddar Egg Casserole

Bacon Cheddar Egg Casserole

This Breakfast Casserole with Bacon is loaded with rich flavors and it comes together quickly with just a few simple ingredients: eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Protein: 16g
Carbs: 2g

3. Low Carb Frittata With Fresh Spinach

A simple yet yummy dish. Perfect for high protein low carb breakfast. Made with spinach, eggs, sausage or bacon, and veggies.

Protein: 34g
Carbs: 5g

2. Keto Shrimp And Grits

Low Carb Keto Shrimp and grits

This Keto Shrimp and Grits is packed with all the flavors and goodness without the carbs. And it's quick, easy, and satisfying that keeps you full for a long time.

Protein: 23g
Carbs: 10g

1. Banana Protein Pancakes 

Banana Protein Pancakes

A Light & Fluffy Banana Pancakes for a healthy breakfast with just 5 ingredients that fill you up.

The main ingredient of this recipe: Egg whites, protein powder, and bananas. It's perfect high protein low-carb pancakes under 200 calories.

Protein: 23g
Carbs: 17g