A lifestyle blog shares home workout and clean eating recipes.

I'm neither a fitness expert nor a nutritionist. But I'm obsessed with it.

I Love to read health books, and I love learning and experimenting.

My health journey began when I was 16s. I was skinny and had desired to be fit.

I cleaned up diets and started out living healthier lives to make it happen.  And I did.

But, After 4 years, I stopped. I was in my late 20s and started to gain weight.

It wasn't something I wanted but I hadn't control over it.

I did a keto diet but I can't stick with it for a week.

loves my old routine: exercise with a healthy diet. So I started to workout from home with a healthy diet.

I love learning healthy habits and I've no doubt that being healthy is a choice of habits.

And, I believe building healthy habits lead to a better lifestyle. It takes time, consistently, and tiny actions every day.

So, I started this blog to share everything I do, learn, and experiment with to make it fun and easier for you to live the healthier and happier version of yourself.

EcstaticMag is a lifestyle blog, it doesn't give professional health or medical advice, All material provided at EcstaticMag.com is for informational purposes only. 

Be healthy.